Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Beautiful Viktoria Modesta and other awesome amputees

After watching the Paralympic closing ceremony, I decided to do some Viktoria Modesta inspired bits and pieces for a uni project. I also included the interview I had with the lovely lady over email. 

1.Do you remember what it was like to first start walking on a prosthetic leg? How did it feel? 

It distinctively felt better than any other time I walked before, still weird to actively have to bond with a piece of technology attached to you and work with it but it took no time at all to get used to it I was walking in high heels with a diamond cane within 1 month

2.The prosthetics I've seen you wear are beautiful, who designed them and what was the inspiration for some of the more lavish ones? 

I've been working mainly with The Alternative Limb Project who is fronted by Sophie who has a really playful imagination when it comes to design. Roehampton Hospital have also assisted me on many occasions with getting the right parts sorted for all my legs. Now that I've had time to settle in using my realistic prosthetics and broke the mould for myself by wearing a Swarovski incrusted leg at Paralympic Closing Ceremony I am in full action ready to experiment with using prosthetics as fashion and art accesories.

3.Do you consider yourself disabled? If not why? 

Absolutely not, I never have. To me being disabled means you are limited in your life and assume there is a barrier between achieving things you want. I simply don't see it that way. It's about making the best out of your self.

4.What was being part of the paralympics closing ceremony like? What kind of preparation did you have to undertake? What does it mean for you and your career? 

Performing at the ceremony was an absolute honour. I have never danced professionally and got to come up with the routine with boys from Dancing on Ice learning all kinds of new tricks plus of course the design meetings & fittings for the leg, shoes and costume. As for the exposure it proved to be very much a pleasant surprise as I didn't know how significant my part was until very close to the show, infant possibly even when I watched it back on TV.

5.You're an incredibly glamorous woman, what's your secret to constantly looking so chic. 

I firmly believe that the power of fashion n grooming and the emotional & physical effects it has on a person as well as people around them is incredibly moving and mostly misunderstood. I would encourage everyone to experiment with clothes, MUA n hair to find what makes them feel the best whether its power dressing, femininity enchantments or body shape altering clothes n make-up. They are all tools in creating an illusion or in most cases bringing out the person you want to be. Everybody has their own style they just need to look closely at themselves and create a connection between their personality and desires and their clothes.

and finally....

6.You come across extremely confident, graceful and at one with yourself, what would you say to someone in a similar situation who doesn't have the confidence to pursue their dreams due to an amputation? 

All power and confidence comes within the person. Any bodily defects are superficial and practicing confidence is all in the mind and the attitude. I find that if you pretend or act out your desired feeling before you know it you will genuinely feel them eg confidence, that's something I discovered that helps me in public and on stage situations. People only pick up what you choose to show them :-) 

...Had to draw Aimee Mullins. 

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