Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More arrows and DPS thoughts.

Here is another little one from the water colour moleskine. This time only using black posca pen and fineliners, with a touch of colour balancing in photoshop. Again with the arrows, girl. As this year at uni has ended and I'm about to embark on a year out for my Diploma in professional studies course, I need to start getting organised, getting a good portfolio together is crucial. I've never thought of myself as a designer, but with some words from my dps tutor, I need to start thinking about how my work translates onto objects and other surfaces other than just a piece of paper or digital file. I'd really like to start doing some larger scale pieces to help free myself up from the constraints of a sketch book. Maybe some more wall and window drawings. Or start thinking about products I can slap my illustrations on. There are so many things I want to experiment with and achieve in the next year, so I thought it best to write a list of things I can hopefully cross off throughout the course. Some things may be easily achievable, but others not so much and will need some serious time and work put in and some may not be achievable in a year but can be ongoing. 

So what the hell do I want to do? Here's a couple...

1. Work on branding. Make myself a logo and a website with domain name. 

2. Contact Illustration companies in london and Berlin and try an bag those amazing internships that will get me relevant and helpful experience. 

3. Get a separate portfolio together and Look for a Tattooing apprenticeship. 

4. Learn enough German (to not come across as an ignorant English douche) and go to Berlin and intern, but most importantly enjoy time away from London away, from home and away from my comfort zone and little bubble I've made for myself. 

5. Go to New york again on my own. 

6. Get a big body of work together, apply for funding and put on a few solo or collaborative exhibitions. 

7. Start my own or a collaborative online shop, with tshirts, prints and jewellery.

8. Learn Taxidermy to use in my work. I adore Taxidermy, traditional and Rogue and would love to try   combining it with my illustrative style. 

9. Create a zine, comic. 

10. Have some fucking fun and don't worry so much. Do amazing things. Make some great art. 

A nice selection of things to work my way towards during the next year. 

I am the arrow, these are the targets. Aim. 

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