Wednesday, 24 August 2011

GOD DAMN IT. Get me out of this funk.

This summer has been incredibly uneventful. It's the end of August I have a month left before I begin my illustration degree and I literally have bollocky-cunting-shit all to show for this last 6 months. Every day seems to be -

1. Wake up, look at the time and realise it's already mid-afternoon so there's probably no point in actually doing anything constructive.

2. Potter around the kitchen entertaining the idea of making food or tea, but don't, or more to the point, don't because of the possibility of breaking a kitchen appliance or burning something. So go back downstairs to bed.

3. Watch endless amounts of-
a. How I met your mother
b. Battlestar Galactica
c. Futurama
d. Ugly Americans
e. Gilmore Girls
f. Whatever the fuck is on.

3. Pick up sketch book. Put down sketchbook because you just can't be arsed.

4. It's probably about 2am by now so decided to go to sleep (when I said 'endless amounts of' I bloody meant it)

End of day - Repeat tomorrow.

So yeah pretty damn bland. I just feel really tired and BLARGHHHHH all of the time I am so fucking boring when I have no responsibilities.

Though I do say this but out of the 6 months I have had off I have done a COUPLE of cool things.

Me and Ad got twin bird skull tattoos. Yes It's fucking gay and soppy as shit but I quite like having a little dead avian head behind my ear and it's not as if I got his name buzzed into my forehead or scrawled across my vagina or something. It's more like I have a tattoo and he just so happens to have the same mine looks better.

Actually fuck it I've done quite a few cool things this summer in amongst the boring 'sit on my fat arse and do nothing' days. I also went to Paris with my mum which was fun (ish). Word to the wise, don't go on a 4 day city break to try and relax, I say this because this was my mothers incentive for going there. To relax. I don't think Paris and relaxation go together very well, especially when you're a teenager with a fresh batch of IHATEYOU hormones to deal with due to the contraceptive implant and you're in close proximity with a menopausal parent. That sounded catty, I love my mum, but when we fight it's like every other mother and daughter. WITHDRAW TO AT LEAST A 50 FOOT DISTANCE OR YOU WILL BE HIT BY A BOOK OR A CUP and maybe wear some ear muffs because we crack out the dictionary of obscenities on the regs.

I have a bad case of fat face here but i'm in front of the Moulin Rouge so I doesn't matter. I went to the show as well.  So many boobs.

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