Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Drawing Panic - A case of the 'Spazz Hands'

Here is a drawing I did a month or two ago, I used promarkers and I really do love it. Unfortunately it really goes to show that artistic skill is like a muscle, if you don't abuse it every day it disintegrates and you just have to build it up again. I haven't draw properly in a good few weeks and today I tried picking up a pen and came out with this....

Yeah, it has its charm but I just felt so messy and uncontrolled doing it. Usually I'm like a plank of wood with a pen, I have such a steady hand, I just try and go with the flow while being incredibly precise and a bit too much of a perfectionist. I do like the concept of this one though, as it was inspired by the story Coraline. I think from that book/film my obsession with the button was born. I may try doing this one again when my hands feel less spazzy. 

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