Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blah Blah Blah and life.

Right, so now for some late night blogging 'cause it's not like i'm going to do any work/sleeping/constructive activities at this ridiculous hour of the morning. I got my wisdom tooth pulled a couple of days ago and so far the 'not smoking' thing is going really well...NAHT. I'm gagging for a smoke, but from what I've heard about smoking while the remainder of your wisdom toothless gum is's really better to go smoke free for a week. You can get this nasty bastard called 'Dry socket' if you engage in any sucking activity or lung poisoning (raunchy eh :P) but apparently it's a complete cunt, so however much I would love to suck down on a nicotine fix, I really shouldn't. The whole experience was pretty traumatic anyway. I'm a complete pussy and people go through worse shit on a daily basis but SHIT SON, this was grim and actually resulted in me yelling at my dentist and screaming fuck a lot during. Ah but there's a silver lining to ever dark painful cunt of a cloud...

PRETTY NECKLACE BOTTLE PENDANT WITH A TOOTH IN IT!? About 10 minutes after I took this photo I filled the tiny bottle with swarovski (sp?) crystals so it kinda drew attention away from the fact there's a human tooth hangin' around my neck (to be fair it's not like I plied it from a corpse it is mine!) But it looks really cute. It's proven to be a pretty good conversation starter, like tonight for example I went to see The Dogbones (a pretty sexy dirty punky band formed of members from daisy chainsaw and queen adreena) and afterwards started talking to some guy about my horrific wisdom tooth experience who then proceeded to fish around his bag and pull out a tooth which he had yanked out of his face himself a few weeks prior. Coincidence? At least I make an effort to make bits that have come out of me pretty (believe me if i could shit glitter poos I would)

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