Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oodles of doodles. Old and new!

I'm going to put some of my old work up here, just to have some variety and show I'm not just a one trick pro-marker pony :P

One of the more recent ones, proper love this one, did this on my foundation course at St Martins I have prints of the twins for sale £15 A4 =]

Here is a drawing of my man thing after putting boobs on his wishlist.

Small canvas (Acrylic)

A page from my sketchbook in 6th form, had a bit of a fantasy/nature/booby thing going on.....but hey the booby thing clearly hasn't ended yet. THEY SAY IT'S A PHASE! 

This one is a little more recent. Titty McGee I like to call her. 

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